Lilli’s List of Dating App Openers

If you’ve used dating apps- you probably know how irritating it is when a woman you really like doesn’t respond to your messages. Or when you get excited after starting what you thought was a good conversation, only to have it suddenly drop off into an abyss….This is where I can help!

 I’m Lilli, a curvy pinup model. I’ve spent a few years being single on dating sites & apps, and only a handful of messages out of thousands ever caught my attention and inspired me to write back (I didn’t even care if the person sending them was my type/attractive/etc). It was these few that made me laugh, smile, and started a conversation. 

What you’re getting here are messages from a real woman’s perspective, not a pickup artist who *thinks* he has women figured out. 

For $4.99, you will get:

  • 12+ quality opening messages, I’ve hand selected
  • Solid tips for making an effective intro
  • Ideas for how to stand out from the sea of other guys
  • (hint: they’re mostly all sending the same, boring message)
  • Re-publishing is not allowed unless credit is given. This writing is copyrighted Lilli Luxe